Story Stones!

 image image image image image

I’m not sure where I saw the original idea, I’ve seen lots of versions on twitter, Pinterest and various blogs. But these will be appearing in my classroom next week to encourage some quality language and story-telling. So easy to make and the possibilities are endless!
Simply collect some smooth rocks and pebbles. Make sure you wash them and brush off any dust/sand. Mix some poster paint with PVA glue to paint the background colours (or you could use acrylic paint if you have it.) Choose your openers, connectives, characters, settings, and go to town! Once the paint is dry, write/draw on your words and faces with a permanent marker. A layer of varnish will make them last longer. I’ve yet to varnish mine but I’m pleased with the result so far!
If you have made some or are planning on making some story stones we’d love to see them! Send us a photo of your finished product and we might feature it on our facebook page!



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