Role play in Year 6, surely not?

An igloo tent in Year 6, surely not?

This is my Year 6 classroom featuring role-play areas.

The children love the opportunity to act out roles and I have tried to structure each area so that they are linked to the Key Stage 2 curriculum. The children use the areas to inspire writing, develop communication and collaboration and also enjoy interacting with each other in role.

I have recently been part of a project where teachers have been sent to see creative teaching in our school. This is a quote from one of them

“when I first saw the role play I thought, this is year 6 and they are in an igloo tent – how is this going to work? When I talked to the children they explained ‘well when we looked at our APP we noticed that certain aspects were missing. We thought about the genre that would tackle these gaps and we agreed diary writing would, so we are pretending to be the receptionist, the paramedic and the injured climber and then we will write our diary entries in role'”

As a teacher, it is obviously a big tick that they were taking control of their learning and investing in their writing – I was smiling ear to ear !


image image image


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